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Compassionate, personal care... right in your own home.
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What are our clients saying? 

"We had our first experience with the mobile veterinary service and
with Dr. Geri yesterday and we are extremely pleased with what
happened. Instead of being frightened to the point of shaking (the
way our animals have acted when going to the vet in the past), our
animals were excited to see him and sensed his caring manner the
minute that he walked through the door. He was very knowledgeable
and very reasonable in his pricing; the convenience of having him
come to our home was wonderful (instead of getting packed up early
in the morning, having our animals stay for hours in a strange
environment, and having them come home acting like they had just
been through a highly traumatic event). I would very highly
recommend this service and Dr. Geri."

   - Michael, Overland Park, KS

"....I called Dr. Geri and he was able to come to my home the same
day.... [He] was kind, calm and just had a wonderful demeanor.... He
did a thorough assessment and told me what he believed to be 
happening and my options. He made me feel comfortable with my
decision not to try something that very well wouldn't work for more
than a couple of months. Dr. Geri explained everything in detail that
would happen..."

   - Carla, Shawnee, KS

"I highly recommend Compassionate Care Mobile Veterinary Service!
Dr. Geri is the answer to every pet owner's prayer. Loading pets is not a
fun task and adds undue stress on top of the visit to the actual office.
With Dr. Geri's mobile service your pets can be cared for right at home
in their environment! Thanks Dr. Geri!"

   - Elle, Olathe, KS

"...I knew immediately from his voice that he was full of compassion
for me and my dog.... Not once did I feel like this vet was in it for the
money, as his rates were very competitive with taking my dog to the vet.
He truly cares about his patients and their people.... If you have a pet
who is anxious about riding in the car or going to the vet's office, Dr.
Geri is a fantastic option.  I recommend him and his services without
reservation.  His professionalism and his compassion are five-star all

   - Rose, Overland Park, KS

"I had been dissatisfied with the pet care we had been receiving at
our old vet and was ready to move on. Our dog Jake is a member of
our family and we want to keep him around for as long as possible. Dr.
Chad was very kind and sat with Jake on the floor, which put Jake at
ease. I am thrilled to have found Dr. Chad, my life is much easier now
that we have a wonderful vet and one that can come to our home.

   - Sarah, Lenexa, KS

"I have a dog and two cats, all over 12 years old. It's a real stress on
everybody to get loaded up and wait at a clinic for exams and shots. Dr.
Geri is professional, polite, and punctual. All lab results came back quicker
than my previous veterinarian ever responded with. He was very
thorough with the exams and answered all the questions I had for him."

   - Blane, Shawnee, KS

"I am beside myself to have found Dr. Geri! He is a warm presence
and took wonderful care of our family's eldest cat, who had a cold/infection
that had lingered too long - months. I didn't go to our regular vet because
I didn't want to subject my now 16 year old feline to the terrors of travel -
he does NOT do well in a car or carrier. So in a Google search I found
Compassionate Care. Dr. Geri visited on a Saturday morning and took his
kit to our cat's favorite spot in the sun for his checkup..."

   - Melanie, Overland Park, KS

"I have three dogs and I love Compassionate Care Mobile Veterinary
Service. Not only is it convenient, but my pets are getting one-on-one
attention. Dr. Geri is so nice. I feel that my pets are getting the best care
possible. He is very thorough and will answer questions from my entire
family. Recently one of our pets had to be rushed to an after hours
emergency clinic. When the clinic notified Dr. Geri, he called to check up on
our pet, which was really appreciated. I couldn't go anywhere else now."

   - Kimberly, Olathe, KS

"We had Dr. Geri come to our home to care for our two dogs. He is
very gentle and extremely competent. We are so glad that our two dogs
can remain at home for their vet care rather than experience the anxiety
and trauma and possible infections that can occur at a clinic. Dr. Geri was
also able to identify an allergy in one of our dogs that had gone
undiagnosed by our previous vet. Our dog is so much better." 

   - Precious, Overland Park, KS

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